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Our Vineyards


Our vineyard is located at 9001 Highway 128 in Philo, California in the heart of Anderson Valley's "golden mile".  Philo is the second largest town in the valley (population now a whopping 711) and is located roughly five miles northwest of Boonville.  

 Old Barn above the back vineyard blocks

Front vineyard blocks (after harvest) from the hill

Back vineyard blocks (also after harvest) 

The vineyards are planted on a rolling bench above Indian Creek and are divided into two blocks by an old interior drive called Ruddock Road.  Ruddock Road was originally the only route to the mills and homes along Indian Creek. 



Local Residents

The Vines


Our property is comprised of slightly over fourteen acres, ten of which are plantable to grapes. When we purchased the land in 2003 there were roughly six vine acres already planted, all to Pinot Noir clone 777 with 8' x 6' spacing on 101-14 root stock.  Half of that planted acreage was in its fourth leaf and half was in its third leaf. 


Our plans to produce high quality wine required additional clonal diversity so we began a process of new planting and grafting to broaden our grape selection.  We aded a 1.25 acre block of clone 828 on a sloping, rocky area in the front vineyard and a .5 acre block of the Martini clone on a terraced hillside above the pond.  In the balance of the back vineyard we grafted the existing three acres of vines over to an even amount of clones 115 and Pommard.


The Soils

Our vineyards have a combination of Perrygulch loam and Boontling loam soil types. The majority of the vineyard is planted on the Perrygulch soil which is known for reasonable fertility, high water holding capacity, slow run off and a low incidence of erosion.


The vines are located on a rolling bench above Indian Creek and the soil contains a considerable amount of river rock from the days of the creek's formation.  In some places these rocks are so plentiful that they're mixed with the soil all the way up to the surface. The moderately fertile soils combined with the well drained characteristics of the high rock content present an ideal environment for quality grape production.



High rock content provides ideal drainage characteristics


The Water 


Our water source is Indian Creek which borders our property to the north.  The creek is fed by dozens of ravines cut into the hills and mountains on the east side of the Valley and eventually drains into the Navarro River. In the Winter and Spring the creek is a raging river of water, while in the late Summer it is a placid creek winding lazily towards the Navarro.  A number of old growth Redwoods line its banks casting dark shadows on even the brightest summer day.

The creek at its low point in late September


The creek running strong in December


A stand of Redwoods on its banks


The Weather

The soils and the clones would be nowhere without the valley's awesome weather system.  While Summer days are long and dry with temperatures occasionally topping 100 degrees, a cooling fog rolls down the valley most evenings, slowing the vines' metabolic activity.  This daily Pacific Coast influence is responsible for a long growing season which allows the grapes to develop intense flavors and reach a state of true physiological ripeness. 

Fog in the back vineyard at 10:00 am 


Vineyard Management & Grape Sales

Our property is managed by Vineyard Logistics and our primary contact is Travis Foote.  Our grapes are used primarily for our own production, and a modest amount is sold to select wineries.  If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, or if you are interested in learning more about our extensive organic vineyard care regimen, please reach out by clicking on the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page.


























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